Seaton Sands,Seaton Carew

Performance, 2014


Students and artists from Hull and Middlesbrough were invited to perform, discuss and develop the ideas behind the exhibition: Contemporary Art Society: Damn braces: Bless relaxes at mima; with a day trip to Seaton Carew, a seaside town on the north east coast by the mouth of the river Tees. Seaton Carew : an extraordinary contrasting environment, with live industrial works: steel and chemical, wind turbines, sewage works and a power station all within view of a spotless sandy ‘swimming and buckets and spades’ beach. Basking herds of seals lay in a creek sandwiched between heavy industry and the factory that makes the ‘white in white goods’. Performance elements were proposed. In contrast to Source which fused the body and the environment, wearing a distinct/life guard red, participants were invited to stand in the sea on bucket platforms and declaim: concerns, issues and songs.

Commissioned For

The Contemporary Art Society and mima to coincide with Contemporary Art Society:Damn braces: Bless relaxes, curated by Helen Kaplinsky


Seaton Carew


Devised with curator: Helen Kaplinsky. Participants: Marcel Craven, Lou Hazelwood, Dave Priestman , Kerrie Page from mima, Nicky Peacock, Micheala Wetherall and Carol Sommer and Kay Watson from the Contemporary Art Society


photography:Terry Watts

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