The Blue Line

Performance, 1988


The Hull project was one of three pilot-placements of performance artists in northern art schools (Paul Bradley at Sheffield and Neil Bartlett at Newcastle Polytechnic), funded by the Arts Council’s education department.

Projects devised and presented by 35 students including Tim Brennan, Rachel Chapman, Helen Goodwin and Lorna Moore.

‘The Blue Line was a twelve hour performance event involving students from Humberside College of HE devised and co-ordinated by artist in residence Fran Cottell. Students worked alone, in pairs or as part of outreach initiatives to create performances and installations at sites all over Hull whilst on the day audiences were shuttled to and fro on a double- decker bus... Although produced autonomously the work was conceived with common ideas about history and the past , explored particularly through the image of water and its changing relationship to the City.’ Tim Etchells Performance no 54

Commissioned For

The Ats Council of Great Britain’s Performance Artist Placement Scheme. Additional funding from Lincolnshire and Humberside Arts and Humberside Leisure services. Sponsorship and support from numerous local businesses.


1988 The Blue Line (video) The National Review of Live Art Glasgow 88.


Numerous sites around Hull: including the college’s experimental fisheries tank.


Double-decker bus, slide projection, 16mm film projection, hand held video montors with battery packs, furniture, flags, sound, misc. props


Mike Stubbs co-producer blue line video


Photograph courtesy Yorkshire Post
Silvy Szulman performing her part of the Blue Line project.

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