de nada

Performance, 2014


De nada (meaning: think nothing of it, you're welcome, don't mention it, no worries). In an insincere interpretation of the expression/theme, an evolving silent protest was staged in Ibiza. There is a history of using silent/quiet protest to focus attention on issues that have been ignored. This project continued to develop the work at Seaton Carew. The timing of the performance was structured through agreed system of counting.

Produced For

Gallery SoToDo's 17th Congress of Performance Art, curated by Theodor di Ricco and Anabelle Widmann


Babylon Beach, Santa Eularia, Ibiza


Performer/collaborators: Sara Asadi, Enrique Aguilar Bohorquez, Gunar Heinrich, Miriam King, Frederik Krauke, Natalia Marchesi, Jeanette Rauch, Gilles Viander, Anabelle Widmann


  • Photography: Floria Herroro, Tom Zabel and ChristA Frontzeck
  • The project was supported by UAL Graduate School

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