Women up a Tree (WUAT)

Performance, 2019


Bizarre interventions individually responding to critical states: crying with laughter, confronting overwhelming and enveloping scourges, vexatious voids, biomorphic shenanigans and amoeboid arguments. Utilising a tree, entrance foyer, concrete wall and a white cube, which instigate in ‘mid air’ an elevated person, moth-eaten and blinding noise, exhausted fumes ..... The title of the exhibition ‘Mama, Papa is Wounded!’ is taken from a 1926 painting by the surrealist artist Yves Tanguy. Surrealism was in part a reaction to the first world war and how it’s extremities could not be explained or assimilated . We seem to be embarking on a new era in which established norms are being challenged, a period of growing unease and foreboding. The work produced by these artists has been brought together under the title of this painting and as a response to the theme of Deptford X of ‘Stop making Sense’ (From the press release)

Produced For

Mama, Papa is Wounded! Deptford X


APT, Welding Shed Studios, Harolds Wharf, London.


Audience participation

The Exhibition: Mama,Papa is Wounded! Was devised in collaboration with David Bloor, Dexter Dymoke, Liz Harrison, Chris Marshall


Construction: Mike Richards

Health and Safety: Patrick Semple

Photography: Michelle Bolger, Katy Deepwell , Terry Watts, Duncan Wooldridge and Verdi Yahooda

Card Design: David Bloor

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