Swimming Pool

Performance, 2020


The performance was a re-enactment with volunteers of a real event that happened in the late 1970s in the public baths/swimming pool in Woolwich, London. At the start of the performance, members of the audience at the Freud Museum, volunteered to be my friend and work colleague: Rose and the 6 Male Egos. PART 1 In the swimming pool in Woolwich. Once a week I would go swimming with Rose after work. One week a man (Male Ego 1) serially ‘bombed’ myself and Rose in the pool, (we were unaware at the time but it became clear later this was for the benefit of his friends: Male Egos 2-6) . Repeatedly performing this action, (6 times approx.), Male Ego 1 would follow up with the same apology: 'oh sorry I didn't see you there'! PART 2 In the pub (The Director General - now demolished) in Woolwich. Rose and I would go for our after swim drink. At the Bar we were extremely surprised to see Male Ego 1, now in his office suit, with his friends (Male Egos 2-6) similarly suited. I picked up the soda siphon off the bar and sprayed Male Ego 1, repeating: 'oh sorry I didn't see you there'.

Postscript There was no shortage of willing volunteers who wanted to be a Male Ego. The performance respectfully took place in the Dining Room at the Freud museum (which houses 5 pieces of Anna Freud’s much travelled traditional Alpine furniture that she brought with her from Austria via the USA).

Produced For

'You Burn Me' Curated by Rosemary Cronin in association with The Subjectivities and Feminisms Research Group at Chelsea College of Arts.


Freud Museum, London.


A dry performance: water substitutes /a fake swimming pool/goggles/fake beer etc. were employed.


Audience partipation including Lana Locke performing as Male Ego 1 and Rosemary Cronin as Rose.


film: Julie Bacon photography: Ella



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