Installation, 2020


On the wing ...a fleet of rubber rings: a short meditation on human vulnerability, flight and projected UFOs. During the government mismanagement of Covid, the fantastic societal and community response, (particularly of the NHS) and the lockdown these elevated life saving devices provided a possible metaphor for alternative realities. Their Sci-Fi appeal had personal resonances of positive escapism into feminist science fiction with their alternative organisational structures, against the reality of the hard work - competing with the power of the wind and the tide. The open rings: a projected substitute for the absent bodies of the CHOHW performers and their audiences, that would usually occupied the foreshore, once a month at low tide.

Produced For

CHOHW(Come Hell or High Water) 'Holding the Foreshore'


The Thames foreshore,Limehouse,London.


Technical Support: Patrick Semple and Mike Richards Photography Peter Fink and Anne Bean.

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