Gold Balls

Installation, 2008


The architectural detailing in Deptford features stone shells, vases, columns, balustrades and balls and the elaborately carved door brackets (angels heads, putti, fruit, foliage and scroll sets) in Albury Street. Gold balls are rarer and usually associated with grander buildings St Alfeges, The Royal Naval College, Greenwich and St Pauls, Deptford have them. Stone or Gold, the history of the use of the ball is unclear they are also referred to as balloons or globes. There is also a local connection with St Nicholas church, named after the patron saint of pawn brokers for giving away gold coins.

Commissioned For

Deptford X


Part of ‘GHOST TRADE and the Spectre of Change’ curated by Julia Alvarez. Locations around Deptford.


Photography: Mark Harwood


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