Installation, 1986


‘Her pieces hang from the ceiling, constructions of wire and muslin, huge dresses built as “a series of containers: pots and buckets for strength and quiet. They are intended to dig deep.” And they are indeed, disturbing and thought provoking.’ Judith Watt from ‘The art of dressing’, the Guardian, 1988


1986-88 ‘Conceptual Clothing’: Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; Harris Museum &Art Gallery, Preston; Peterborough City Museum & Art Gallery; Spacex Gallery, Exeter; Stoke on Trent City Museum and Art Gallery; Aberdeen Art Gallery; Huddersfield Art Gallery; Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, Bradford; Camden Art Centre.
1986 ‘Private Thoughts /Public Speaking’: Battersea Art Centre, London with Marian Schoettle.


stitched dyed calico, wire, fishing line


25ft x 8ft x 2ft approx


photography: Terry Watts

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Fran Cottell artwork image: Containment - click to enlarge