Exhibition, 2016


This exhibition consisted of 2 new sculptural installations by Liz Harrison and Fran Cottell that were made in relation to the gallery space based on architectural sites that have been put aside or made specifically for storage. Blocked and rendered uninhabitable, these spaces are full of “stuff” in suspension, inert and ignored. The removal of amassed material from the attic and the static ‘weight’ of the unknown contained within the shed, produce both positive and negative connotations of open and closed space. They have worked together on several projects, including the curation of ‘Concrete Dreams: art, architecture and social space’ for Open House/APT, 2008 and ‘when I get home I hope’ a simultaneous screening/film installation at the South London Gallery, 2013. Both artists have used the concept of architecture within their practice as image / object both in the work’s format and its use as site specific space and as a container for metaphor. The work specifically uses the notion of the house, as a private container and as a symbol for ones existence, behavior, change, desires and fears.


Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich Galleries, London


sculptural projection


Liz Harrison


Photography: Fran Cottell and Liz Harrison. Construction: Steve Lewis /Mike Richards. Film Camera: Lulu Richards Cottell. Film Editing: George Stone. Performed by: Maisie Richards Cottell


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